How to Import Data?

The data import works with pocket queries from If you are an experienced cacher, you know the concept. Pocket queries are custom geocache queries you can make at and download or have emailed to you. The data in your pocket query will be imported into the app so that we know when you're close to a cache you should find. This neat little image shows at a glance how the data import works: 

  1. Install the iPhone app "Next Cache".
  2. As a premium member of go create a new pocket query or activate an existing one. Use the available filters to get the caches that best fit your needs. The query can consist of several hundred caches, that's no problem for the app. will send you the results of the pocket query by email. Unfortunately only premium members of are able to create pocket queries, so if you don't have a premium account, ask a friend that has one to create it for you and let him send the results to you by email.
  3. Open the email in the Mail app on your iPhone. Click the attachment link (.zip file) and choose "Open in Next Cache".
  4. Check the right settings in the app, activate it and go for a walk! 

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